The StemMedical® Innovation

StemMedical® has developed a unique and unrivalled method after a decade of research and development. StemMedical’s® proprietary method enables us to produce affordable best in class mesenchymal stem cells for clinical and commercial usage making us a world leading company in stem cells.

StemMedical® has developed a method to isolate a small number of adipose tissue-derived stem/stromal cells, or ASCs, found in a patient’s adipose tissue (i.e., fat) and subsequently expand the cells safely and efficiently in the laboratory to sufficiently boost the number of stem cells needed to achieve the desired concentrations.

Versatile stem cell platform

STEMMEDICAL® core science is focused on producing and expanding very high quantities of potent autologous MSCs. Despite the many opportunities in cell therapy, the focus of StemMedical is clear and divided into two main strategic segments:

STEMFORM® covers the cosmetic application of the technology to provide a superior and natural alternative to the conventional artificial and synthetic solutions.

Imagine a future only using the persons own cells for cosmetic surgery. Patient’s own fat stem cells mixed with a high concentration of autologous MSCs to ensure a high quality, durable result. The Stemform product is a natural and effective alternative for breast augmentation and implant replacement without artificial implants, synthetic fillers, and toxins, with no scarring and reduced risk of complications.

Stemform makes it possible for specially selected and certified private hospitals to commercially offer an exclusive, natural, and effective volume filler to either create, restore, and even replace cosmetic volume after just one treatment.

STEMTREAT® focuses on using the technology for hard-to-treat inflammatory conditions with initial focus on musculoskeletal disorders.

Clinical studies have shown that MSCs hold the potential to treat various musculoskeletal, respiratory, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal disorders such as Osteoarthritis (OA), asthma, Ischemia-Reperfusion injury, inflammatory bowel diseases, Type 1 diabetes, and chronic wounds.